ourcing a credible, reliable plumber can be a challenging process.  At NLK Plumber Melbourne we strongly recommend starting with a few key questions:

Are they licensed? Yes … NLK Plumber Melbourne is licensed.

Are they insured?  Yes … NLK Plumber Melbourne is fully insured.

(Plumbers HAVE to be insured before they can be licenced)

How long have they been in business for years of experience? … NLK Plumber Melbourne have over 30 years of experience.

Qualify the service rates? … NLK Plumber Melbourne is transparent when quoting.

Range of services? … Can they cater to all your plumbing needs?

What are your response times in an emergency? … With fully stocked vans and qualified NLK Plumber Melbourne are proud to service Melbourne, East and South Eastern suburbs, Bayside and The Dandenongs.

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