Installations, repairs & replacements of hot water systems in Melbourne. Like most products today there are many choices & considerations for homes and business owners. Gas, Electric. NLK Plumber Melbourne specialises in hot water repairs, installations and replacements to Gas or Electric Hot Water.

When a hot water system goes it tends to go suddenly. At this point you don’t have the luxury of carefully reviewing the available options (unless you love cold showers). Instead, you get a replacement of the same type and forget about it until next time. At NLK Plumber Melbourne we will work with you to ensure we recommend a system that compliments your lifestyle and your budget.

It is important with rising energy prices you understand that water heating can account for a quarter of typical household energy use, so it’s worth reviewing your hot water usage well before your current system dies and checking out the alternatives – you may find a system that saves energy and money and is kinder to the environment. Upgrading to a more energy efficient system for your home or office can be very rewarding and beneficial. Speak with qualified technicians who use these products daily to ensure you are not being sold something that isn’t appropriate to your lifestyle or budget. NLK Plumber Melbourne have over 30 years experience in Hot Water Repairs, Replacements, Installations and Maintenance to hot water systems across Melbourne.

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