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Families and businesses in and around Melbourne have come to know and trust our Plumber and replacement services. We are punctual, exacting, and committed to doing everything we can to restore hot water to your residence or commercial space same day.

Best of all, our hot water repairs in Melbourne are affordably priced. By running a full assessment of your situation, we are able to provide a complete and accurate quote that protects you from unfair and often unnecessary fees.

If your hot water system is playing up, turn to NLK Plumber Melbourne for hot water repairs Melbourne.

Our master plumbers can tackle all kinds of hot water systems and repairs.

We provide advice, service, replacements and repairs in Melbourne of all types of hot water problems, including:

Continuous Flow Hot Water Systems

A continuous flow or instantaneous hot water system heats water as it is used; because it does not store water, your supply can never run out. These systems are suited to properties with a large or constant demand for hot water or where there are space restrictions.

Mains Pressure Systems

Be it gas or electric, a mains pressure hot water service is probably the most common type of hot water system available. Hot water is stored in a tank and pressure from the water main is used to push hot water to the taps at the same pressure as cold water.

Gravity Feed Systems

Gravity feed hot water systems are typically installed in your ceiling and heated by electricity. These are commonly found in older properties and although they have a life cycle of 40 years or longer, because the system relies on gravity to deliver hot water, water pressure tends to be much lower than cold water.

Count on NLK Plumber Melbourne for 24/7 hot water repairs Melbourne.

If your hot water system isn’t running as you think it should be, our NLK hot water repair experts will visit your Melbourne home or office to assess whether the problem is an easy fix, a substantial repair, or a complete replacement. Common problems that require hot water repairs Melbourne include: leaking hot water systems, weak water pressure, rust-coloured water, or the absence of hot water altogether. If you’re experiencing one or more of the above, save yourself from shockingly cold showers by contacting our qualified plumbers.

Any hot water system that isn’t operating to its optimal potential is actually costing you money, hence the importance of contacting a licensed plumber sooner than later. As a company, we are mindful of customer costs, but will never try to sell you an expensive but inefficient hot water system. We supply and partner with the best brands on the market to ensure you receive top value on the dollar.

To schedule your hot water repairs in Melbourne and surrounds, contact us today on 0404 803 333.

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