Gutters perform the very important function of draining hundreds of litres of water from your roof and into the storm water or a rain harvesting system (water tank). NLK Plumber Melbourne have over 30 years experience in roofing, gutters and more recently rain harvesting systems. Talk to our expert technicians about replacing your tired roof or leaking gutters. Leaking gutters can be causing unseen damage. Gutters help prevent water from getting inside your house as well as helping prevent foundation damage. Since gutters catch rain right off the roof they also prevent soil erosion and wear to your home’s fascia board, windows, eves, ceilings & more. The bottom line is that well-maintained, properly functioning gutters directly protect the overall health of your home, inside and out.

NLK Plumber Melbourne source and install only quality guttering systems. Select from a huge range of colours & styles. It is important the guttering system compliments your home & your environment.
NLK Plumber Melbourne will advise on the most appropriate guttering system for your home. We also install and recommend leaf guard systems as a form of preventative maintenance and safety. Leaf Guard systems are highly recommended for Melbourne’s leafy suburbs where debris will build up in your gutters and could cause flooding back into your house. While they will help reduce debris build up in gutters we still strongly recommend regular maintenance to ensure your home and your gutters are prepared for Melbourne’s weather !

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