Gutter cleaning is a form of preventative maintenance that can actually prolong the life of your home. For that reason, gutters should be cleaned as often as needed. How frequently to clean your gutters depends on the property, the gutter system and the surrounding environment. (e.g. trees with blossoms, pollen strings, leaves, pine needles, seeds, sticks and other debris, tree height & proximity to home).

Clogged gutters do not allow water to properly drain and move away from your home. This can cause flooding and pools of standing water. You may not even realise there’s a problem until we get heavy rain or a serious storm! In the long term, overflowing gutters can cause structural damage to your home.

NLK Plumber Melbourne specialises in professional gutter system design and customized installations. We take pride in using only high-quality materials, fixtures and fittings.

We are often asked, “do you repair gutters”. Our qualified team of experienced roof plumbers are specialists in all roofing repairs and maintenance. Our technicians are trained to identify problem areas with your current gutter system that can easily be overlooked by homeowners.

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