We all deserve a little luxury at home. Renovating your Bathroom can be a very satisfying process. NLK Plumber Melbourne have been helping to renovate and rejuvinate Melbourne bathrooms for over 30 years.

A bathroom renovation is not a small project and should be treated accordingly. Things to consider are project management, demolition, colour scheme selection, water proofing, source the fixtures and fittings, remove and install most fittings such as hooks and towel rails, plumbing, electrical and tiling.

Does your bathroom need a full re-design or just a makeover? What to do and how much to spend on your bathroom project really depends on how much the it is used. A family using one bathroom warrants more upgrade and facilities (like double showers & basins) than a one person bathroom.

Careful re-design can make a bathroom more spacious & provide more storage. A great place to start is with a sketch of your current bathroom. Measure the size of the bathroom. Sketch the current floor ( bird’s eye view ) plan with fixtures and fittings. Then re-design the room with your new layout and fixtures. Visit your local hardware and plumbing supply shop, or go online, to obtain product dimensions to include in your floor plan. Cut outs allow you to move them around the sketch to optimise your space and layout.

Very quickly the process consists of:

• Strip-out (with pipes sealed)
• Rough-in of plumbing and electrics
• Rendering walls
• Waterproofing
• Fit-out for shower, vanity, bathtub and toilet
• Tiling
• Shower screen installation
• Final electrical wiring
• Final plumbing
• Vanity and bench tops installation
• Tap installation
• Painting

NLK Plumber Melbourne have experienced qualified plumbers and many successful bathroom renovations in our portfolio. Call us today for any advice 9876 8686.